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Beast Nuisance Wildlife Solutions offers wildlife removal & animal damage repair services in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metros. Every job that is done through us will not leave you disappointed. Animal removal can be a tough gig, and not just anyone can perform these services without extensive background and knowledge of the Nuisance Wildlife Control industry.

Beast Wildlife is here to make a difference, and stand out from other companies. Not on our watch! Our team is compiled of trained wildlife control specialists who can remove the identified pests with high efficiency and time-effective. Call today and talk to us about what we can offer you!

  • Bird Removal is needed for a variety of species. We control birds invading both commercial and residential properties.
  • Bat Removal is a common call and we humanely remove bats by live exclusion, and guarantee our work.
  • Squirrel Removal because squirrels post a variety of problems when they get into your attic. We offer squirrel damage repair.
  • Raccoon Removal for masked bandits that will not hesitate to destroy your entire home and attic, so call our pros immediately!
  • Beaver Trapping And Removal before these creatures destroy your trees and create a lot of damage.