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Beast Wildlife Solutions offers wildlife removal & animal damage repair services in Minneapolis and St. Paul MN. Wild Animal removal can be a difficult task. Experts can perform these services because of years of experience and knowledge. We know the Nuisance Wildlife Control industry.

Many times pest wildlife get into places that are hard to access.  They will nest in chimneys, attics, dormers.  They will destroy the roofing as they attempt to get in.  Our team is trained to get att the hard to reach places.  Heights don’t frighten us.  Let us safely remove your wildife problem and seal up your home to prevent their return.

Beast Wildlife Solutions can help with your bat, squirrel, raccoon, bird and beaver problem. We have trained wildlife control specialists. They will identify, remove and repair the most effective way. Call today for:

  • Residential, Commercial and Hard to Reach Bird Removal.
  • Humane Bat Removal, Bat exclusion, Repairs and Clean Up
  • Squirrel Removal, especially problems like squirrels in attic and damage repair.
  • Pest Raccoon Removal to prevent any damage to your home, roof and attic.
  • Expert Beaver Trapping And Removal before they damage your property.

Why Beast Wildlife Solutions?

nwcoa advanced training certified
nwcoa certified

What makes Beast Wildlife Solutions different from most companies is expertise. We have 8 NWCOA course certified technicians on staff. Credentials include CWCP, Structural Bat Certified, Bird Management Professionals, Bird Barrier Certified, Zoonotic Disease Course Certified, Wildlife Control Operator Training Course Certified, and Advanced Wildlife Control Training Certified.

Some people would say we know wildlife. Therefore, we know how these animals think in addition to understanding habits. This means we can custom tailor a solution unique to your bat, bird, raccoon or squirrel problem.

Beast Wildlife technicians are also experts in difficult to reach wildlife issues. We are OSHA certified in Aerial lifts in addition to Fall arrest, First Aid, CPR, Scaffolding, and Ladder safety. We also have Certified and Master NWCOA Instructors on staff. And, by the way, our manager serves on the NWCOA board as Central Regional Director.

nwcoa structural bat certified