Squirrel removal around Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN is something we provide on a consistent basis. Squirrels will relentlessly chew on your home to create a “den”. The squirrels will destroy your home and attic to make a home for their young. If not removed in a timely fashion, the squirrels will make your home look like a virtual block of Swiss cheese because of all the holes they will chew. Don’t let that happen; call Beast Nuisance Wildlife Solutions to handle squirrel infestation. Let us remove the squirrels from your home.

Remove Squirrels from Attic

Squirrels in the attic in Minneapolis and St. Paul is one of the most common squirrel complaints.  Homeowners hear scratching or the sound of running in the attic.  Call us to do an attic inspection.  We will get into your attic and determine what type of a wildlife infestation you have.  If we find evidence of squirrels we will set traps to remove them. We understand how squirrels behave so we know the best places to set traps.

One of the other things we do during an inspection is to find the points that the squirrels have entered into your attic. After the initial inspection of the property, we can provide you with options and solutions to your squirrel control problems. We will seal those entry points to prevent the return of any squirrels or other pest wildlife. Our wildlife exclusion work will prevent squirrels from being able to get back into you attic.

During our inspection we will also point out things that the homeowner can do to keep the squirrels away from your home.  Keeping trees near the home trimmed so that squirrels are not able to easily reach your roof.  Remove bird feeders from near the home.  Squirrels love the free food of these feeders and will continue to return to your home as long as you continue to feed them.

Squirrel Trapping and Removal

Squirrel Damage Repair

Once the squirrels have been removed and the entry points sealed, you may be left with a bit of damage from squirrels in your attic.  Squirrels will tear up materials as the look to build a nest.  They will rip into drywall and they will chew wires. Their urine and waste can stain the attic surfaces as well as other parts of your attic.  This waste can attract insects and other small pest animals.

We can safely clean up all of this mess with out disturbing the rest of your home.  We will replace any drywall or other damage that the pest squirrels may have caused.  The most common squirrels in Minneapolis and St Paul are gray squirrels, red squirrels, and flying squirrels.

Squirrel Damage Repair

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