Hard to Reach, Large Heights, Rope Access Work

S.P.R.A.T. certified rope access technicians, and certified bird barrier installation technicians to make sure you are covered. From  Bird spike installs. Netting installs. Shock strips to keep birds and pigeons off of buildings, signs, and roofing/ hvac areas. High rise caulking, metal work, and sealing to keep bats out from roosting in vents and other areas. Mainly for nuisance pigeon, bird, bat removal areas on high rise buildings, condos, industrial, Whatever your wildlife problem, we have solutions for you.

Nuisance Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Get rid of squirrels in attics, commercial bird control and bats in attic. One-way exclusion for bats and birds in buildings. Scare tactics for birds. All jobs vary on species, location, area, and involvement. Please call or email regarding questions, or to set up an inspection.

Exclusions, Proofing And Seal-Ups

Installation of metal products, (screening, drip edge, custom fabricated  metals).  Replacement of old, worn, rotted, cracked wood with new  wood, or other products depending on area factors (compressed fiber cement boards, metal , concrete, etc.). Installation of netting, spikes, strips, wire, cage, and slides to keep birds  out. Custom planning and installation for beaver blockers and beaver deceivers.

Cleanup, Disinfectant

Removal of massive amounts of bat droppings (guano), and bird droppings from attics, buildings, warehouses, stadiums, etc. We utilize full face mask respirators while removing. Disinfect and deodorize with commercial grade products . Squirrel droppings, bat droppings, bird droppings, and raccoon droppings.