Commercial Bird Exclusion

BEAST co has provided bird solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential clients primarily in Minnesota where we are located. We also travel across the United States for large projects and difficult projects helping companies, other wildlife and pest control companies, and contractors with consultations and in cases, hands on projects. Competitive rates provide the best options and solutions available for bird free areas.

Physical deterrents are typically the best option for providing bird free areas.
Netting, wire, shock, and slide installation are usually the best products to implement when applicable to the structure/ scenario.

Common solutions for  Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows, Gull’s, Finches, Vultures, Geese, Woodpeckers, Doves, Ducks, and other nuisance bird species.

  • Netting specific to the site and substrates. Planning and installation.
  • Custom bird Slide fabricated and installation.
  • Shock track and tree shock installation.
  • Physical deterrents customized to location.
  • Visual deterrents implemented are strategically placed areas.
  • Bird wire installation on site specific areas.
  • Spike installation at low pressure areas.
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Commercial Bird Netting

With over 15 years experience in netting solutions, we believe if the area can be physically netted off, it’s typically the best option for the majority of common nuisance bird species such as pigeon, sparrow, and starling.

Proper netting projects require in depth training, products, and installation for optimum results. High grade anchor points, attachments, and of course netting all have to be taken into account when planning a large netting project.

In conjunction with means of access to the areas of concern, safety while on the site, proper training, and logistical concerns. We take these into account when providing quotes/ bids on large netting projects.

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Bird Net Deterrent System

A proper bird net deterrent system is put into place with multiple considerations from inception to completion.

We utilize high tensile strength UV rated bird netting on most every project quoted.
The netting itself when properly installed, has the ability to blend into the surroundings making it almost invisible to the public.

Proper primary anchor points installed at the corner areas directly to the substrates assures a long lasting strong hold for the cable frame system. Intermediate attachments every 1 to 2 feet between the primary netting anchor points assures a straight true line for the cable frame system, thus a straight and effective net.

The high tensile cable strung around the parameters or areas of concern stand as the netting framework.

Primary and intermediate attachments used will depend on the type of structure and substrates they will be attached to.

Most commonly, drilling for anchor points will be required. But specialty clamps and specialty non marring industrial strength magnets may also be used on sites which require non penetrating options, such as underneath metal bridge systems.

The metal components used in net framework installation must also be taken into consideration. If it’s an area with salt in the air, stainless components would need to be implemented.

Zipper access for lights, alarms, maintenance staff, speakers, doors, and other areas in need of access must be taken into account as well. We determine which areas are in need of human access and plan accordingly. Custom zipper accesses will affect the overall ascetics of the bird netting and must be planned accordingly.

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Certified Bird Control

Commercial Bird Clean Up

Clean up of the area is another consideration to take into account. Prior to a bird netting project installation. A thorough cleaning of the site is usually recommended.

BEAST co and their technicians have numerous certifications in training and installation. Keith is a NWCOA CNI for the certified bird management course.

Technicians have certifications for the NWCOA bird management course, Structural bat management professional course, and Wildlife control operator training course. Certified installers from Bird barrier company. Osha certifications in aerial lifts, heights, ladders and safety.