Safely Remove Wildlife From High Locations

BEAST Wildlife Solutions specializes at heights and hard to reach areas for nuisance bats, birds, and squirrels.
From various ladder work, roof transitions, and positioning; to boom lifts and rope access.
Trained and certified technicians in different aspects of rappelling, aerial lifts, ladders, rigging, and positioning as it pertains to wildlife exclusion work.

Licensed and insured, we offer some of the best customized solutions to our clients.
Commercial, residential, industrial, and government agencies.

Trained & Insured For Working From Heights

Custom solutions for bat, bird, and squirrel exclusion projects. Each of our technicians have different specialized skill sets depending on the project. As an industry leading company when it comes to heights and hard to reach areas, we take our job seriously and our proven track record speaks for itself.

The owner of the company is a key speaker for several training events; speaking, and training others for working at heights hosted by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association.

With protocols and procedures set in place to keep our clients and staff safe, BEAST can handle most intensive bird and bat jobs that other companies cannot. Utilizing specialized equipment to ensure the best quality results.

Call For An Inspection

Primarily dealing with species such as Bats, Birds, Squirrels, and Raccoons. These animals generally enjoy entering structures at the highest points, and hard to reach areas to keep them safe and out of predatory views. Hence we must also get to these areas in order to keep them out.

We start by inspecting the structure on site visually. Typically the best way to perform an on site inspection is to physically get up on the roof and near the areas of concern. Ladders and other specialized safety equipment allows us to visually inspect most roof areas. At times, there are different roofing substrates, pitches, and angles that make it more difficult to inspect, so we also have inspection cameras with poles, and inspection drones where applicable.

After the inspection, we provide a written quote document that is emailed to our client with line items