Professional Bird Control

Call Beast Wildlife for bird control in Minneapolis and St Paul. Gulls And Swallows are one of our specialties. We can help you with bird control in your commercial or residential properties. We handle all nuisance bird species and can help to rid your Hennepin and Ramsey County homes of bird problems.

We can also offer solutions for agricultural and industrial areas that are dealing with bird issues. We will do an inspection of the property and give you the best solutions to remove birds from the area and prevent their return.

Gull Control

Gulls primarily congregate around Boat docks, rooftops, ledges, signs, & canopies. Some stay in the state year round, others migrate. A medium sized bird, they typically become a nuisance when nesting, roosting, and perching at these areas. Bird droppings are acidic, & can cause damage over time. When nests and fledglings are present, they can often swoop down to protect the area. As Gulls are a protected migratory species, you aren’t allowed to destroy active nests, or take eggs without proper forms. Regardless of the areas they are damaging, physical deterrents are often best when dealing with nuisance Gulls.

Products installed such as flex track, & grid wire systems are typically best for keeping Gulls away. We start by performing an on site evaluation of the property, to determine the root of the issues, the amount of cleaning that would need to happen, the site pressure for the Gulls, and the options for physical and visual deterrents required to make the areas Gull free. Flex track is a product that installs flat on the substrates which gives a small electrical shock to the birds, making it undesirable to stand in that particular spot. Grid wire system is a post mounted monofilament wire system installed to prevent Gulls from landing typically on rooftops. Netting is also a common physical method to keep Gulls off of accessing certain areas.

Swallow Control

Barn Swallows & Cliff Swallows. Making nests out of mud and twigs and saliva. Often referred to as mud Swallows. These birds typically migrate to MN around April, and vacate around August. As a protected migratory bird species, the nests, eggs, and fledglings cannot be touched until they can fly on their own. Often, droppings and bugs can be found on and around the nesting areas creating an unsightly and hazardous surrounding. Proper cleaning, pressure washing, and nest removal is the first step to take when dealing with Swallows. After they have vacated and the site is cleaned, a physical deterrent / barrier needs to be installed to keep them from making nests in the same areas the following season. Whether its a custom netting solution, or a 45 degree angled block, we can keep them away.