Bird Control

Call Beast Wildlife for bird control in Minneapolis and St Paul. Bird control is one of our specialties. We can help you with bird control in your commercial or residential properties. We handle all nuisance bird species and can help to rid your Hennepin and Ramsey County homes of bird problems.

We can also offer solutions for agricultural and industrial areas that are dealing with bird issues. We will do an inspection of the property and give you the best solutions to remove birds from the area and prevent their return.
Common birds found in the Minneapolis and St Paul areas are:

Bird Removal

Beast Wildlife can help with bird removal in Minneapolis and St Paul. Birds can be a very invasive species of wildlife and often requires professional help. You can find a need for bird removal. In your home birds can be found nesting in chimneys, siding, roofs and vents. They can also be a problem in bushes, trees, lights and barns. Call us to schedule an inspection for bird removal. We will show you how we can remove the birds. We can also give you help in preventing the birds returning to nest in your home.