Vulture Control

Turkey and Black Vultures are large sized birds that create a lot of droppings. Generally the highest peaks and areas in the vicinity are affected by these birds. Caution while working at heights must be taken to ensure the safety of the installers, and proper installation of products.

Physical and visual deterrents & exclusions are generally the best ways to keep vultures off of your property. Typical areas for vultures on properties are roof top peaks, ridges & hips, chimney tops, tree limbs, & parapet ledges.

Vultures On The Roof

Vultures are a very robust bird and not easily deterred from perching/ roosting areas. Knowledge of vulture habits, & site pressure are two factors to think about when addressing a property with nuisance vultures. Substrates, height of the structure, and aesthetics of the property are all taken into account when bidding vulture jobs.

The most common product installations for vultures are shock strips placed along the areas of concern, daddy long leg installation , tower guard along rails & ledges, and netting installation for physical deterrents.

At certain times, an effigy may be installed on certain sites where physical deterrents are not warranted. These are usually not as effective without other means of deterrents, and generally are not placed in areas where the general population can see.

Vulture Damage And Cleanup

Dropping clean up is often required on substrates prior to deterrent installation for vultures. Avoid using bleach on substrates & mixed with the droppings. Heated pressure washing is often best. Use of specially formulated bird dropping cleaning products is also recommended.