Sparrow Control

Call us for sparrow control in the Minneapolis & St Paul area. The common house sparrow is the most typical sparrow species we come in contact with doing nuisance pest bird management here. They tend to nest in small crevasses on homes and commercial properties. Sparrows make their nest out of old bird feathers, straw/ hay, plastic trash , and garbage.

BEAST sparrow removal services removes old bird nests from signs, platforms, walls, pipes, exhaust fans , vents, ledges and beams at industrial and commercial facilities. They cause massive air flow issues when making nests inside of ventilation systems. Unsightly nests and bird feces on signs cause credibility and perception issues with major brands, we have long term solutions to keep the sparrows from nesting, perching, loafing, and pooping on your signs and branding.

We install netting, shock flex track systems, custom metal fabrication, slides, and optical/ visual deterrent systems. Site modification and trapping are also sometimes feasible solutions as well.

Commercial Sparrow Removal

Sparrow removal from inside stores in the Minneapolis St Paul area varies between the use of traps, mist net systems, hazing removal, and harvesting from site with the authorized use of projectiles. Site specifics and bird pressure play a large role in a proper sparrow removal company program. Each property has different needs from the next.

Sparrows on residential structures are typically found nesting in walls, behind siding, at soffit junctions, where soffit vents may be compromised or missing, at builders or construction gaps where drip edge is missing, roof vents (both metal and plastic type roof vents), and exhaust vent systems.

Weather we are replacing the comprised vent(s), or adding custom metal solutions to keep them out, we warranty all of our work.