Starling Control

European starlings are a common nuisance bird species found throughout the Minneapolis–Saint Paul area. They can be found in many different locations, agricultural, industrial, commercial, and residential. They are a very invasive species and often require the help of a professional to remove them. Beast Wildlife can help you to get rid of starlings throughout the Twin Cites. Call us today to set up an inspection.

Starlings In Vents

On residential homes, they tend to frequent attics, vents, and soffit areas. The nests usually tend to be fairly large in size. Primarily made out of hay, it looks similar to a large hay stack inside of an attic. They come through compromised exhaust vent systems and tear through the pipe wall entering into the attics.

The plastic exhaust vents and vent covers don’t usually hold up to extreme hot and cold conditions. We replace them or install vent covers made of metal. These last longer in inclement weather and look better over time.

Commercial Starling Control

In commercial and industrial sites, starlings tend to congregate in larger numbers. From 5 to 50 at a time, the starlings tear out pieces from walls and ceiling fixtures. Ledges and beams are great hang out areas for these birds as well. Starlings droppings (similar to most bird droppings), are corrosive and deteriorate metal, wood, and concrete over time. Netting is an option for large areas such as airport hangars and loading docks.

Open ledge areas spanning in long linear footage can be taken care of with optical deterrents, shock systems, custom metal fabrication, and slides. Open barn areas with large amounts of droppings and nesting materials can be cleaned out by our technicians. Hazing programs , trapping, deterrents, harvesting and exclusion methods are all feasible prior to a large bird dropping clean out and removal.

Whatever your starling problem in Minneapolis–Saint Paul our team can help. Call us today at 952-900-5659 and set up an inspection. We will show you the best way to stop these problem birds from creating issues for you.