Bat Removal, Bats in Attic, Guano Clean, Exclusion

Beast is Minnesota’s first choice in bat removal and exclusion services. Residential, commercial, and industrial. Bats are Minnesota’s only flying mammal. The common nuisance bat roost in Minnesota will be in attics, gable vents, under ridge vents on roofs, behind flashing, and trim on the exterior of homes and buildings. Nuisance bats are a common problem in Minnesota. Gathering in roosts from 5 to 500 inside attics, chimneys, and walls. Along with nomad or singular bats gaining entry into living areas. With the numerous bodies of water we have, means lots and lots of bugs, bats eat the bugs, hence bats are very prevalent in Minnesota. Although the risk of rabies and other diseases pose a minimal risk, the risk of airborne spores from the bat droppings or (guano), is typically worse. Not only do we exclude the bats from their roosting areas, we also seal all potential entry points, replace damaged areas  and remove piles of guano. All with a written warranty.

Squirrel Removal, Squirrels in Attic, Exclusion

The gray squirrel, red (piney) squirrel, northern flying squirrel, and fox squirrel. With all those different types of squirrels in Minnesota, it’s no wonder we stay so busy trapping these little guys out of attics, exhaust vents, chimneys, and walls. We use several types of traps depending on location and type. Trapping works in some scenarios, but most of the time the problem won’t fully go away until the areas of entry are sealed off . Not only do we trap squirrels, we seal them out for good with our exclusion work, which comes with a written warranty . Chewed wood damage and minor roofing repairs caused by squirrels are also a part of our services.

Residential Commercial Bird Removal, Control, Exclusion

From singular bird nest removals in exhaust vents, chimney, wall, and signs, to full flock dispersal. Beast co. nuisance wildlife solutions has the knowledge and expertise to handle any nuisance bird issue in Minnesota. Pigeons, starlings, sparrows, gulls, woodpeckers, geese, and the list goes on. Ranging from trapping of problematic birds, to full enclosure net cover installs, and bird spike or shock strip installs. Cleanup of bird poop on signs, walls, roofs, attics, and damage repairs are typically needed after successful trapping / relocation and future deterrents installed. Licensed, insured, and trained for high risk areas, and rope access. Commercial, industrial & residential. Problematic bird control solutions for any need. Written warranties. Common Minnesota bird Damage to roof structures, attics, signs, droppings, parasites, and unsightliness, causes a lack in clients & revenue. Call today for an appointment.

Pest Raccoon Removal, Control, Damage Repair

Minnesota raccoon removal . Raccoon trapping services, dropping cleanup, and exclusion services. We trap the raccoons, seal up the potential entry points, and preform cleanup. Written warranties. It lives mostly in wooded areas and usually feeds along lakes and streams. A good climber, raccoons in Minnesota often nest in a hollow trees or attics. It has a highly omnivorous diet, including nuts, seeds, fruits, eggs, insects, frogs, discarded rubbish, and unattended outdoor dog / cat food. Adult males are usually solitary; females and young live in family groups. Raccoons have proved highly adaptable to civilization. Damage to wood, wires  and just about anything else they come into contact with.

Nuisance Beaver Trapping And Removal

Beast nuisance wildlife solutions can trap, remove, and remediate problem beaver in and around the minneapolis/ st. paul areas. Beaver damage can be extensive. From flooding, costly damage to trees from beaver chewing, and culvert pipe blockage. We trap and remove nuisance beaver. Open dams. Removal of beaver dams. Dislodge debris from culvert pipes. Create beaver blocker and beaver deceiver devices on residential and commercial/ industrial properties where beaver damage is present. We DO NOT use any poisons, or pesticides for beaver control.